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Thank you for reading this very special first blog post on Self Esteem Activities Hub. I am very excited to have started this website, because I have so much to say, and this seems to be the right platform to communicate to all who need it. 

So let’s just go back a little to clarify what self-esteem (or ones self worth) is, and what a lack of it may mean to people.

On Self-Esteem

According to the English dictionary, self-esteem is a ‘good opinion of oneself’, a belief in our abilities to do things. For some people who have low self-esteem, it can mean the inability to do the simplest of daily things, such as striking up a conversation with someone, or even just believing they will never be able to learn something, cooking, for example.

Of course an apparent lack of self-esteem, does not operate in isolation. It is part of a wider range of emotions and physical symptoms, which together work in a cycle and feed off of each other.

The healthy version is that we have a good sense of our abilities to perform tasks, and in turn we set achievable goals that we deliver, which then reaffirm our capabilities in ourselves, making us more confident. 

A new approach – Self Esteem Activities Hub

If you are like me, you know what it’s like to wanting to better ourselves, and that finding the right information can be difficult. Having read countless books on the subject, trying to find answers, I’ve come to the realisation (after a few fruitless years) that I was completely on the wrong path.

Then I started analysing what was the reason behind that? I will come back to this in later posts, but very briefly, I have had the common sense to figure out the issue was in approaching it in a singular, and haphazardly way, rather than holistically.

I am not talking about alternative philosophies here, but having the right amount of self-esteem is just one part of a wider puzzle, therefore, we should at least have an awareness of the other areas also. Consistency is also another important factor in the process of change.

The good news is however, that because it is a part of a cycle, if one area is worked on, the others will gradually improve. Here’s the catch, however, you need a good sense of self worth in the first place in order to have the motivation to attempt further activities that will boost your confidence even more.

The Devil’s in the Action – Self-Development

It is worth bearing in mind it is not enough to know the whats and whys, it is vital that we ‘do’ what we teach and keep experimenting. How can self-development happen without action?

That is why I am a firm believer in the ‘Activities’ side of the project. I am sure this is not the first time you have heard this, but you must, if you want to succeed, get heavily engaged in ‘doing’. As you maybe well aware, reading self-help books on the subject is great, giving you almost an instant boost, but that only lasts for a while. And then some time later you are back to square one. Don’t worry, I know exactly how this feels as I have been there too, and I am certainly speaking from years of painful experience.

The bottom line is this. Yes, the self esteem activities and suggestions on these pages can work for you, but you must make the effort to turn up, and give yourself the chance to commit. It will mean some planning, understanding and some uncomfortable discovering.

After all, what is worse, trying out some things that may feel uneasy first, but guaranteed to help on the long run, or being stuck in the place where you are now and keep feeling hopeless.

The activities I am going to share here will be fun too, and I’ll make sure to give you my support and a kick up the backside from time to time.


And this is where the ‘hub’ part comes in. As I mentioned earlier about those motivational books and how after a while you pretty much forgotten what you’ve read? I want to change all that. My promise is not only to provide you great free content, but I wish you to take part too, and share your experience of your journey, what has helped and what hasn’t. We are all in the same boat after all, and if I have helped at least one person, my mission is accomplished.

So after you’ve read this, please take time out and comment below to get us started.

Thank you for reading this far, if you’ve enjoyed this post, please share with friends and make sure to tune into one of my favourite pet subjects next; perfectionism

PS. Also I would love to know what is a burning question you’d like answers to, that I will try and incorporate in future articles.

Thanks again for your attention…


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One thought on “A New Approach to Self-Development & Self-Esteem

  • Ruth Martin

    I agree with the fact that, while reading self-help books is fine and good, it can only do so much. It is in the application that it really begins to take effect. I think you have a good thing going here…