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Hello there, I am really glad you have found me! 🙂

A little introduction about meebook cover

I thought I’d better give you a brief intro to me here, so that we can begin to establish some sort of virtual connection, and that you know I am real person. And of course first and foremost I want to HELP.

What do I know about social anxiety?

Well, rather a lot, as I was virtually paralized by it for the best part of my life, and fortunately – through trial and error – I can now consider myself being able to live a normal life.

Most of my life I had this feeling that I could do better. Picture a bright child, who excels in most subjects apart from communication skills. I was a good student, but usually chose the easy option when it came to making those important life decisions. You know, the ones that would mean the least hassle and stress.

As a result, I studied subjects way below my capabilities, and ended up working in menial jobs for years, without realising my true potential. I think the saddest part of having this condition is all the lost years and talent.

The long and short of it

The very point I am trying to express on this website: people with social anxiety are greatly limited by their condition, therefore, their potential is hardly realised.

What’s next?

If you are looking for answers, I have written various articles aimed at explaining what self esteem is, and how it can be corrected. I have also reviewed some products that can be beneficial if you are needing an urgent solution to remedy low self esteem issues, in a structured way.

Thanks for reading and remember if you have any questions about me or this website, you can always contact me here.


PS: Don’t forget to grab your free copy of my ebook, where I share important info on helping you along with your recovery…

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  • Ruth Martin

    Hi! I look forward to hearing more about your new endeavor here! I might add that I am a firm believer in the fact that learning to play an instrument successfully can play an important role in beginning to recognize one’s self-worth. Good start with your site, keep it up!