Book Review: “You Can Heal Your Life”

You Can Heal Your Life - Book Cover
When you look at the title of the book You Can Heal Your Life, you find everything familiar.

The words here seem quite simple and direct.

However, if you stop for a moment and start thinking about these plain and simple words, they seem to be carrying profound meanings inside.

How can you heal your life?

If it is possible to heal your life all by yourself; there is nothing better than your own life in this world to help you live a better and happier life. Yes, it is true, and the author, Ms Lousie L. Hay reveals about how you can heal yourself without the support of anyone or the modern technology.

Not only can you heal your mental illnesses, but you can also heal your physical illnesses.

Who is Ms. Lousie L. Hay?

As the bestselling author and the worldwide renowned leader in the sphere of self help, Lousie L. Hay has not only written several books, but simultaneously, she has also become an inspiration of millions of people worldwide.

If you are not well familiar with the life and achievements of the author, the present book ‘You can Heal Your Life’ would offer you an opportunity to peep deep into her life.

Truly speaking, the book here is not a book alone, but an inspiration to each and everyone.

What is the about?

In You Can Heal Your Life, the author reveals about how she left her abusive home when she was 15 years old and how she transformed her life with the power of positive thinking. It was the positive thinking in her mind that metamorphosed her life. The book has been divided into four parts.

  • In Part I of the book, the author offers some suggestions about how to read, and discloses her belief in the immense power within herself that forms the basis of the book.
  • The Part II of the book contains from Chapter 2 to 9. It is a session with the author where you learn a lot about how she comes out of the suppressive and abusive conditions of her life.
  • It is the part III where the author offers some practical exercises for holistic healing of the self.
  • In part IV, the author presents the changes in her life as the testimonials of the self healing exercises described in the book.

A Bestseller despite Scathing Criticism

Is there any proof of healing?

Many of the readers criticize the author for not presenting any proof of healing except some testimonials of how she emerged successful against the odds of life. Also, some of the readers blame the author for reiterating the old age philosophy of Positive Thinking.

Does the book really lack any innovative ideas?

Truly speaking, the book would not have received such huge applauds worldwide if it had no originality and innovative ideas.

You may not find the exercise to cure the deadly disease such as AIDS, but it gives you the valuable ideas about how you can attain the physical, mental, and spiritual healing and feel the fullness of life.

Millions of people across the globe have immensely benefitted from this book, and that is the reason that it became a bestseller.

And, it will prove to be one of the best and timeless masterpieces if you really desire to transform your life using the power within yourself.


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