How to hire the right confidence coach

Confidence CoachSelf confidence is a highly admirable trait most of us aspire to behold as we know our whole success is underpinned by it. Some acquire it in the natural process of growing up, others may need guidance later in life on how to achieve it.

Types of coaching
  • Do it yourself

If you possess strong drive, willpower and determination, you can attempt to put your life on a track you think you should be on. Should you choose to go down the self help route, there are countless of materials available in bookshops or online.

The vast majority have been reviewed by many users, which makes it much easier to judge whether a resource is worthwhile or not. You should be able to sift out the gold from the dirt with relative ease.

However, one thing to remember is that we all prefer different styles and methods, and what is great for one individual, may not suit others so well.

The support of your friends and family can also be an important source to help boost your confidence. They may not be trained as coaches, but sometimes all it takes is a good talk with your nearest and dearest to clear your thinking.

  • Professional help

Maybe you fit the above criteria that ensures your confidence develops with a little effort on your own, but you still prefer to enlist the assistance of a qualified professional. In fact many successful people have employed a coach at some point in their lives to bring the best out of them, or just help move on at a critical point on their journey.

How can a confidence coach help you?

We all experience times when life gets a bit too much and out of control and we just cannot see a way out from that situation. Maybe we are trying to find answers with our current mindset that is clouded by fear, anxiety and perhaps other people’s incorrect judgements.

A confidence coach would be a great option to chose to help you on your recovery, because they can instantly gauge why you are stuck and provide you with specific tasks you want to accomplish in order to move forward. They will help you keep focused and on course according to your goals. They can save time on the long run if they help you achieve your goals quicker that you otherwise would.

5 things to look for in a confidence coach
  • Trained: any good coach should be able to prove they are qualified to deal with the public and have plenty of experience behind them.
  • Their style suit your personality: as with written material, you have to make sure the style of the coach is right for you. They may well have helped other individuals, but that does not necessarily mean they are the right match for you. Get in touch with them, speak on the phone, ask them question. Usually from a few targeted questions you can establish whether this person is who you really want to work with.
  • Have to feel comfortable around them: the same goes as per above, if you are going to see this person for a few weeks, it is important that you are able to share your worries and aspirations openly with them.
  • What do others say about them: look at their history, ask others who have worked with them in the past. If they have a website, there might be testimonials of previous clients, how has the coach helped them? Are those similar to what you’d like to get out of the sessions?
  • Does not pressurise: they are transparent from the beginning, they tell you what you can expect. Many good coaches now offer free initial consultations, or helpful materials to start you off without any obligations and give you a period of time to think over if you want to continue with their help.
Best of both worlds

The great news is that these 2 methods are now available combined; a do it yourself guide with the help of an established and trusted coach, Eduard Ezeanu. Eduard has been coaching for many years and has recently launched his Conversation Confidence course, which is great for those who want to improve their confidence in their own time.

You can read my review of Conversation Confidence, or go straight to Eduard’s website, where you can find out more in his own words about what this course has to offer.

Get access to Conversation Confidence here.

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