Do You Feel Social Awkward? Think Again!

Feel social awkward?Embellished with highly sophisticated and fashionable outfits, you know that you are the attraction of several eyes around you in the social function.

There are many that wish to strike a good conversation with you. However, what you do your best is to somehow avoid talking to them.

From outside you look confident and charming, but deep within you know that you are somewhat nervous.

Why is that feeling? Would the people around harm you, or make fun of you?

Well, you should not feel embarrassed if you are not comfortable in a social setting. You are not the only one in the world with the feelings of nervousness for no reason, and it is not something uncommon.

You can overcome your nervousness, fear and lack of confidence; however you need to have a desire and make a sincere effort to get rid of it.

Why do some people feel nervous in social settings?

You do not need to have any special qualification or college degree to comfortably talk in the social settings. Man is a social animal, and the habit of living in the social setting is instilled in very childhood.

However, not all people have the same opportunity. Several factors, such as the atmosphere of the family, the social upbringing, and the availability of opportunities to interact with people etc, play a vital role in shaping the personality and orientation of a person.

If you feel awkward amidst the people, perhaps you did not get suitable atmosphere to be socially fit. But this is not the end. You can identify your shortcomings and overcome them.

Introspect yourself

How do you determine that you feel social awkward?

Well, there are various signs that can help you identify yourself as a social awkward. If you feel nervous and anxious in the company of the people, and feel the desperation to be alone; you should know that you are a social awkward.

Feel shy to talk to the opposite sex or the elders? You need to introspect. Perhaps you require building up some confidence.

Do your jokes leave a bad taste when you are in the company of the people? Perhaps you intend to say something but you end up saying something else. You wish to make someone laugh, but your words appear to be uncalled for.

Perhaps, you need to introspect and analyze if such things are occurring with you. These are a few signs of a socially awkward personality, and it is required that you start improving yourself.

How can you stop being social awkward?

Meeting new people and talking to them would boost your confidence. If you are in a social function, you should talk to the people around. Whenever you get an opportunity to be with the people, you should not miss the chance to talk to them.

There is plenty of literature available on how you can ward off the social fears and become confident. You can read them and practically implement the advices and suggestions.

There are several training agencies conducting the personality development classes, and you can improve yourself by attending the sessions. You will certainly not improve overnight, but your efforts are sure to bring about the positive results.

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