How to Overcome The Fear of Talking to New People

How to Overcome The Fear of Talking to New PeopleThe skill of conversation with strangers outside of your social circle is an art that many people don’t have – the fear of talking to new people is quite common.

Being perfectly in starting conversations with new people in social or business circles hugely improves lifestyle and you unanimously have more fun and create more opportunities. Shyness is common, but when it interferes with the quality of life, you may face problem in interacting with people.

According to Jerry Seinfeld, “the fear of public speaking ranks higher than the fear of death”.

This is also a sign of social anxiety but you can overcome this problem easily because developing a skill of talking to stranger is very simple.
If you constantly feel nervous to start communication with strangers, put these ideas into practice and enhance your conversation-starter self-confidence even with the most unfriendly people.

How to get started

That most difficult part of talking to strangers is how to start conversation. Before you have experience striking up conversations it can make you tense and incompetent, but the more you do it the smoother and more appealing you will become.

Everyone is Friendly

If you want to get an idea of the benefits of talking to strangers, just change your mentality. Say hello to people, you see every day on your way. Do not hesitate in making eye contact with them because mostly people are friendly and absolutely open to conversing with you. It just takes a very small effort to cross the stranger barrier. Say your name, and ask them their names.


Research shows that people want to talk to you if they saw you smile and when you smile, the other person can’t help but smile back. Don’t smirk mechanically at people like a queen but an amiable smile, which will immediately make the prospect of talking to you more tempting.

Conversation is a mutual experience

Initiating a conversation doesn’t always mean carrying the whole thing. Relationship are said to go through different stages from the initial conversation to deeper relationship. If you see something noteworthy, make a comment. Everyone loves to talk about himself or about his qualities, so you can easily engage other in conversation by complementing. Always remember, when you met someone for a chit chat, it’s not just you; it’s the two of you.

Show Interest

When you ask people about their interest, you initiate conversation by getting them to speak. Show your interest in their activities by different question because your question will show that you are taking interest in them.

Keep Confident and Be Witty

Confidence is the key to every success, so be confident. Do remember that you’re an amazing person with interesting background. If you find something funny share it people will love your humor.

Join Social Networks

Attend parties and join clubs, because the advantage of interest in the activities you enjoy with other people is that it makes conversation much easier. Attending gatherings where you feel cozy helps you to show your best demeanor.

Let’s take the first step to triumph over your fear or nervousness. The more you soften with starting conversations, the more self-confident you gain easily. There is nothing to fear in this world, nothing to fear at all.

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