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Purpose Driven Life – what is in it for you

purpose driven life

we all have a purpose in life

It has long puzzled me what motivates us all to keep going in life. Where does that burning desire to do things and achieve goals come from? Why do some people lose that desire and become depressed over time?

I think the answer has to do with one simple little idea – life purpose.

Anybody who has ever lost the will to live, knows what it is like not wanting to get up in the morning and face the horrors of the day.

Having purpose in life is another one of those important building blocks of Self Esteem.  It keeps us going, because if we have a burning desire we are more likely to know what we want to do, and enable us to get there faster.

Having a purpose or maybe a long term vision gives drive to fulfil that purpose.

An example is when someone sees their life purpose as teaching people to look at the world differently and not according to the status quo. That can be such a motivating factor as it will drive the person to live up to that purpose every day of their life.

How can a purpose driven life work for you?

First, find your Purpose – by considering your strengths and uniqueness -, then work backwards and break down the steps how to achieve that. This does not have to be a final, end goal with clear steps set out all along the way – remember this is a life purpose, and have a life time to work for it – just start somewhere to set things in motion.

You may find yourself treading on completely new territories in your search, but that is all part of the process and also helps to get out of your comfort zone. The smaller details can be attended to later once there is some experience and knowledge gained. Then more of the path can be mapped out.

Living life with purpose stops people from falling into modern life’s common traps, such as wondering around aimlessly or worshipping false ‘gods’ like television. When we let ourselves to lead our lives instead of allowing others to make decisions for us, we regain powers within us that will reinforce our character and make us stronger against future shocks.

Therefore a purpose driven life provides us with a buffer, a protective wall if you like, and helps to check against your progress as well; you know what you want to do and it is easy to see if you are on the right tracks or not. It gives you boost and confidence and the conviction to not give up at the hurdles.

Once you are on that mission to fulfil your purpose, its good to have deadlines along the way for the smaller steps that need to be taken.

Living by this rule is like having swallowed a magic pill. Answers suddenly appear, learning becomes easier, messages will flow when a momentum is built up.

You make sure to keep that snow ball going!

To your purpose…


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2 thoughts on “How a Purpose Driven Life Improves Self Esteem

  • Ergen

    I agree that purpose in life is maybe the most important motivator for people, but when you are depressed, you don’t have desires even for small daily things. It is possible that you can find a lot of things in which you can be successful, but it does not mean they should become your purposes of life. Thanks.

    • ash Post author

      Yes, very true. Depression does suck the life out of you so much that nothing makes sense anymore. It’s hard to even see if you’re ever going to get out of it. That’s why it’s so important to seek professional help, it’s not something you can easily overcome yourself. As for a purpose in life? You can work on that once your condition improves. Everyone must have something to aim for in life, otherwise you question even your own existence.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Ergen.
      All the Best
      Ash 🙂