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Self Empowerment Tips

Change Your Thoughts, Empower Your Life – a must watch video!

Self EmpowermentI have recently come across this video by Leija Turunen and reminded me of the power of self talk in everyday life. It is common knowledge that we all do this, and it can be a great source of power if used well.

Here, Leija talks about how she set a challenge for herself to turn around those debilitating automatic negative thoughts that were stopping her from moving forward.

The way to do it seems relatively simple, but not necessarily easy to do. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this issue, right?

Leija used the technique of habit forming, which is thought be more effective if practised consistently for a period of time (for at least 21 days), combining with a ‘stopping strategy’, which in this case was using more positive (or realistic) phrases to replace the negative ones.

Sometimes you may hear these being referred to as positive affirmations as well.

One thing I would highlight is, that the positive affirmations have to be realistic, something that you know to be true and your mind believes as well.

Why is this important?

I think it’s a fair to say that we battle many negative thoughts on a day to day basis and we are aware that it is happening. We probably have also made a decision at some point(s) that we are going to change this, but haven’t fully committed to it yet. But just imagine what you’d be able to do if you put the time and effort to practice this for just 21 days?

I hope you decide to give it a try.

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