Self-Esteem Activities For Kids

self-esteem_activities_for_kidsYour thought processes are continually being formulated and transformed over a period of time, to develop a sense of self.

The seeds of self-esteem are planted as soon as you are born, and as years pass by, the way you are brought up and nurtured greatly influences the way you perceive and present yourself to others.

Your image in your eyes develops steadily and differentiates a healthy and confident individual from a deprived and under confident one

The Origin Of Self-Esteem

How does this self-esteem develop? And who are the pioneers of self-esteem?

During infancy, it’s just parents and the baby. This is one of the most crucial times of a person’s live.

In the early stages of one’s life, we are the most dependent on our parents/guardian to familiarize us with the surroundings. Our brain is the most sensitive at this time. It is common knowledge that a child’s mind can be molded in any way because of its delicate nature.

A child is in most need of love, care, warmth and attention. The baby see’s the world through your eyes.

If the child is given utmost importance and attended to, without delay, a sense of importance is inculcated at this stage. The baby feels that he is not helpless and that his cues are worthwhile and carries importance for the parents.

The Role of Self-Esteem Activities

Just like the way you water seeds, and provide it with the best environmental conditions, similarly, a child needs to be taken care of intensively during the first few years of their lives.

Time once gone, cannot come back.

Make the most of these initial years to see your child prosper and flourish in his academic, social and professional lives ahead to strengthen his self-esteem.

Here we would like to educate parents to do few self-esteem activities to increase self-esteem for their kids.

Prioritise Your Responsibilities

The growth and development of individuals relies heavily on how much importance they are given.

As your child grows up, spend quality time with them. Make them feel and understand that they are on top of your priority list.

Nothing else matters more in front of them. Hear them out. Help them, discover them and explore new opportunities and avenues with them. Assist them in each step, guiding and mentoring them along.

With their firm faith of importance restored in themselves your child will excel in all walks of life.

Empower Your Kids

Shoulder your kids with responsibilities that they will enjoy.

Children love being assigned tasks because that makes them feel all the more important and elevated.

The best way is to assign them household chores and make them feel that they are contributing members of the family and enjoy special privileges.

They feel all grown up and upon successfully completing the task, a sense of accomplishment fills them. This is time when they start believing in themselves.

Self-worth is very important. Reward them on their success. They deserve it.

Acknowledge & Appreciate

Appreciation encourages improvement. Acknowledge even the smallest acts of achievement.

Praise your child. Tell them you are proud of them.

Make them believe in their abilities and talents, as it will take them to new heights in the future. A child should never feel that they can’t accomplish a certain something.

For that it is necessary that you set realistic and practical goals for them. This way your child will not be disappointed.

Also, make them understand that it is normal to fail once or twice.

The true spirit is to keep trying and not give up until you succeed. Help them come to terms with their feelings and emotions. Be it feeling proud on an achievement or facing a setback.

This will lay the foundation of an individual who has a strong sense of self, considers himself worthy and grows up feeling loved ready to embrace life’s challenges with great vigor and conviction.


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