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Remove the cobwebs of self doubt from your life today and start living your potential!

Hello, and welcome to Self Esteem Activities Hub!

I want YOU to become someone who is proud of themselves for who they are, and use their natural strengths and talents to live their lives to the fullest.

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are not there yet. Well, I want to reassure you that you can be that person!

On these pages, I aim to guide you to:
  • understand why you are in a negative place
  • show you steps to overcome your biggest obstacles
  • keep your new confidence alive
  • and above all to live your potential!

As surprising as it may sound, all of these can be achieved by focusing on one area of your being, and that is self esteem!

3 reasons why you can rely on my guidance:
  1. I have been there too…: I used to suffer what are now considered by many, mental health issues such as social anxiety disorder and depression. I was very embarassed about these at the time, but of course I hid these well from others!
  2. My researching skills and helpfulness: one of the advantages of being shy and introvert is that we have the patience and tenacity to look for information in order to help us. Over the years, I have become very good at researching and finding quality info. I also have a genuine desire to share what I’ve found with those who need it.
  3. No hard sell policy: I am willing to give as much of my own knowledge and wisdom here as I can. You can be rest assured, that any products I may recommend are only those I have either personally tried or reviewed, and based upon my experience I know will benefit you too.

Feel free to browse around the site to get you started, but the below are the most important pointers that I had to figure out for myself, trawling through countless of books and other resources.

What is self esteem?

Simply put self esteem is the way we think about ourselves. It is how we view ourselves, not just when we look in the mirror and how we interpret our reflections, but it is more ingrained, it goes without even thinking about what we see.

Self esteem develops as we grow up, and stems from the experiences we had as children – and the way we interpreted those events.

Depending whether we felt nurtured or criticised we will become individuals with varying degrees of healthy or low self esteem.

Why self esteem activities?

In order to begin the process of recovery from low self esteem, it is crucial to understand what actually creates change.

There are various effective activities that can be practised, but the best way to start is to actually ask yourself which areas of your life need changing and where you’d like to be in an ideal world. This of course will vary from person to person.

Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

To be able to develop ourselves to the fullest potential, it is important that we have a healthy body and mind connection to begin with.

This idea comes from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; in general we need our physical needs met before moving through the other levels of motivation.

In other words, it is much easier to obtain full self-actualization once the lower level needs are met. So begin by working on the following elements.

Take care of yourself: big change starts with small steps. Taking care of ourselves may not seem the most ground breaking idea you have heard. However, if you picture someone who’s lost hope in their lives and their abilities, a telling sign of their chaotic mind is often reflected in their unkempt appearance. Apart from personal hygiene, we also need to focus on treating our bodies right. Eat the right foods, resist addictive substances and half the battle is won. Read more here for a detailed account of how some small changes I made to my diet helped to make me feel better overall.

Regular exercising: one of the ‘happy’ hormones that influence our mood is a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Low serotonin levels in the brain can lead to depression on the long term, the exact connections of which are not yet fully understood. Apart from taking medications to boost its levels, exercise is also an excellent way to enhance this chemical in our system. The best type of activities are believed to be cardiovascular ones, such as running and aerobic exercises, in fact anything that raises our heart rate for a sustained period of time is beneficial.

Adequate rest: at the other end of the scale it is also very important that we get plenty of down time and recharge our batteries. Whilst there are many theories exist on why we need to sleep, it is believed that amongst its various functions are restorative, evolutionary and information consolidatory purposes. Whatever the reason, it is important to have a good quality night’s sleep, or a 20 minute catnap during the day. Some people suffer from insomnia, and there are a great many reasons for this, and if you suffer from it I urge you to seek medical advice to help you correct this.

The real work

After the above functions more or less fulfilled, we can move onto the type of exercises that help re-wire our brain to new thinking patterns and behaviours. The reason why we are in a stuck place is because we carry a lot of negative emotions and behaviors around (knowingly or unknowingly), which are consistently re-inforced as we go about our daily life and behave in the same way as we have done for years.

Cognitive self esteem activities: to change these ingrained traits is no easy task, and needs a lot of work on your behalf, motivation and commitment. You know that you want to change, but when it actually comes to behaving in a different way, the old patterns take over and you are back to square one. Therefore we need a proven system that works on creating new ways of thinking and behaving. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy has been around for decades and it is one of the most effective approaches to treat a variety of conditions.

What’s next?

I aim to review various programs and books on these pages throughout the coming months. There is not everything gold, or lives up to its claims that they are trying to sell you, but there are some gems out there, which can be life changing.

For those who suffer social anxiety and shyness I highly recommend taking a look at Sean Cooper’s The Shyness and Social Anxiety System, as it is based on these very cognitive principles.


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