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self esteem testSelf esteem in its most basic element is how you treat yourself.

In fact, in another post I discuss at length what self esteem really means – I strongly recommend you read that, so you know where I’m coming from.

The truth is, your situation may not be as bad as you think!

I’ve come round to the idea that a lot of this self esteem business has a lot to do with how you think about yourself. Therefore, it may also be true, that we create our version of reality and as such, we can change it at will.

I do not suggest of course this is an easy thing to do.

However, if you accept this statement, then surely the very idea of feeling bad about having low self esteem is just a paradox in itself – and a very good excuse to lighten up! Not least because you can do something about it.

I have also noticed that when low self esteem is mentioned – online or off – it has such a depressing undertone, that no wonder it makes people feel even worse if they think they have low self esteem.

Do you need to take self esteem tests?

The first thing I want you to understand is that when you do take these – or any other – tests, and should your scores be worse than you expected, you mustn’t be upset about it! These merely show your state of mind at that very moment. Nothing more.

You might ask me then; so why should I bother with them in the first place? I recommend taking these tests for the main reason if you are following a structured self help programs it’s good to see your progress over time. Not that you change in yourself, but your mindset!

The Best Self Esteem Tests

There are so many of these available now, so how do you choose?

There’s generally only two tests I found to be valid and reliable enough.

The first one is the most widely known and it was devised by social scientists for research purposes. It is an interactive test and very quick to take:

The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale

The second one is by a renowned clinical psychologist, Dr Sorensen whose work I personally greatly respect and appreciate.

She is somewhat of a pioneer in her field; having done a lot of work to get the public to understand how low self esteem is the root of many other mental health problems, and not merely a symptom of those.

To take this test, go to the link below and answer yes or no to the questions. The outcome of this test might also be very different from the Rosenberg one.

Sorensen Self Esteem Test

My final word is this. Take these tests by all means, but you can often find the answer just by asking yourself: how is my self esteem?

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2 thoughts on “Self Esteem Test – Which one is Best?

  • Balroop Singh

    Hi Ash,

    I have never suffered from low self esteem or social anxiety! So what am I doing here? Well, I just wanted to explore who is this new follower and found this place quite interesting…though, less visited. just here to lend you my support…will continue to visit. Seems you are new to blogging, don’t worry, I am just 6 months old.Thanks for the follow!

    • ash Post author

      Hello Balroop,

      You are very welcome on my site, and I appreciate your comment! It is good to hear about the other side – I’m sure you can teach us a lot about your balanced thinking styles. Yes, I’m fairly new to blogging too, this is my passion and I’m very persistent.

      Thank you