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Hello, and welcome to my first post on my brand new site – SelfEsteemActivitiesHub.com

What is Self Esteem Activities Hub about?

Learn about Self-Esteem Activities on Self Esteem Activities HubIf you are an introvert like me that tends to struggle connecting with new people you know that low self-esteem often is in the way. There are barriers that we need to overcome on a daily basis. Some small and some incredible hard. Being a positive girl I know that we all can improve to makes things less stressful.

I strongly believe that 90% of the game is mindset. But only reading about it will take us nowhere! Taking action and experiencing new things will help us to re-wire all to common responses that we do not like about ourselves.

Therefore I am building this space to help people just like you to become more confident and live a fuller life by trying out the activities I suggest here.

I need your help!

While this site is still in its infancy and will take a while to display its full potential, I hope you will check in from time to time to see how it is progressing.

If you do not want to miss my updates I recommend to sign up for the newsletter where I inform my readers mainly about new articles and what I am reading at the time.

Better still, why don’t you drop me a line and suggest what you’d like to see evolve here? I always enjoy hearing from like-minded individuals, readers and honest critics.

If you are doing a blog in a similar niche (e.g. personal development, personal growth, communication skills) I would very much like to hear from you – maybe we can exchange some articles to provider our readers some new perspectives. For this please reach out to me through the contact form.

Until next time,


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One thought on “Welcome to Self Esteem Activities Hub

  • Ruth Martin

    Hi Ash! I appreciate and admire what you are starting here. I fully support trying to help others develop better self-esteem, as so many things in life depend on it! I will be checking back soon to see what comes next! Blessings on your new project!