What Is NLP And What Has It To Do With My Self-Esteem?

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingIntroduction To NLP

With the fast paced world of today, stress and tension can get even to the best of us.

Consequently, we may damage our relationships, careers, and lives if these threats are not efficiently countered.

Although there are many different methods to achieve this, Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP for short, is a groundbreaking approach in the realms of psychotherapy, personal development and communications skills.

Formed by the hard-work and theories of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s, it focuses on a combination of neurological processes, language and repetitive behavioral patterns acquired through experience.

NLP is grounded on the essence of change.

Think of NLP like a software upgrade for your computer. Only this time your mind’s your computer. Whenever you face any problems or predicaments, use NLP to eliminate them and upgrade your ‘mind’ software with immediate results.

How Does NLP Work?

NLP works on presuppositions.

The most common one is, “The Map is Not the Territory”.

According to this presupposition, what we perceive in this world is not the ultimate reality, rather, it our own interpretation of the reality. These interpretations are termed as “Mental Maps.”

The NLP shapes our mental maps in a way so as to equip us with emotional reactions that are most useful during a particular scenario. It focuses on modelling successful and competent people rather than improving unsuccessful people.

It was also found that people who do well in academic and professional life imagine their success in rich, clear, vivid imaginations.

Example – Public Speaking

Public speaking is a fear that scares more people in the world than the idea of death.

However it would not be misleading to suggest that public speaking is not as detrimental as our emotional and physical senses would opinionate.

Most would prefer public speaking to fill them with enthusiasm and an increased belief in their abilities.

NLP sets about establishing this by solidifying the relationship between situations, feelings and ideas.

Through different exercises, you learn how to produce feelings of powerful associations of positivity in scenarios that normally spark negative emotions.

Alternatively, you can learn how to disassociate yourself from the negativity that is given rise to by a past event or phobia. Both of these methods rely heavily on visualizations to achieve their desired effect.

NLP uses a different set of patterns for associations and disassociations.

Images related to strong associations are highly descriptive, vivid, and colorful and invoke emotions. Images related to disassociation, on the other hand, are blurred, fazed, black and white and invoke minimal emotional response.

NLP With Regards To Self-Esteem And Confidence

There are two major presuppositions that are imperative for a person looking to boost his or her self-esteem or confidence.

The first is that we possess all the tools we need, and the second is that failure is only another word for experience or feedback.

Another important element in this case is accountability.

The NLP ideology argues that it is incumbent upon to take charge of our own situations, rather than brood about things that could have been.

Our behavior towards others is also an important indicator of our self-esteem. If we behave others with dignity and humility, our self-esteem is indeed whole and intact. If we treat others with arrogance and disrespect, then our self-esteem is vulnerable.

NLP also emphasizes on modelling behavior of successful people to achieve success.

It instructs us to do this by breaking that particular behavior into pieces and by integrating it into our lives as smoothly as we can. By imbedding these aspects in ourselves through visualizations, we can massively increase our self-esteem and confidence.

So we can finally reap the rewards of these two traits in all spheres of life.

Adios fears, because the positivity of NLP works like a charm, and restores tranquility to your life.

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